Changes for the Spring 2021 Sale!!

Changes for the Spring 2021 Sale!!


We are always striving to insure the best quality and highest satisfaction for our customers and consignors at each event. We consider all of your suggestions and feedback to try to make improvements as needed.  Please note, we will be making some quality adjustments for our SPRING sale that we are VERY EXCITED to bring you!!

1. Consignors now have the option to join the “Monkey Squad”!!  “Monkey Squad” members help in the selling of their items and making the event even better with their amazing organizational skills! Squad members can choose a 4-hour slot that works best with their schedule. Some “Monkey Squad” members like to choose a time when fellow consigning friends or relatives are helping.  That being said, you MUST BE A CONSIGNOR to join the Monkey Squad.  Please see the “Monkey Squad” tab at the top of the Ardmore homepage for more information.

2. Our presales have changed!!  We have traditionally offered a new mom presale but felt like we would like to expand this to include so many more.  So we decided to open up the presale opportunity to EVERYONE!!!  YEAH!!!  This will occur as a PAID PRESALE.  It will cost $5 PER PERSON ages 16 and up at the door.  No need to preregister.  Doors will open for paid presale from 7-9pm. Please come with correct change.  Monkey Squad Members will shop at 4pm and 5pm depending on your credits and CONSIGNORS will shop starting at 5:30pm (Must have a presale pass for entry). You will be issued ONE pass when dropping off your items for sale.  Friend passes will no longer be given.  ALL Monkey Squad members with 8 hours credit or more will now also receive a 1/2 off presale pass for Friday night AFTER the sale closes at 7pm (Ardmore location only).  The increased 5% offered on consignor percentage will still ONLY be available to Monkey Squad members with 8 hours credit or more (4 hours of which must be during sorting from 2-6pm or 3-7pm on Saturday).

3. ALL ITEMS MARKED TO DONATE AT THE END OF THE SALE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE MARKED TO DISCOUNT ON SATURDAY ONLY.  If you plan to donate the items if they don’t sale, there is no reason to not try to go ahead and sell them at a discount on Saturday.

4.  Though we do not limit items (other than clothing at 125 hanging items), if you consign OVER 400 total items,  you will need to assist with sorting everything out on Saturday from 2-6pm or 3-7pm.  We have numerous consignors with lots of inventory.  It is only fair that if you have the most things coming in and going out that you help with sorting as a large portion of the items being sorted are yours.  This includes all consignors with multiple numbers also.

5. VIP tagging service has become HUGE!  Space is limited and fills up extremely quickly.  At this time, we will only accept a MINIMUM of 100 items per consignor to use this service.  To sign up, please contact Trisha @405-623-9434 or

6. We will continue to encourage the use of masks and social distancing at our sale location.  We will also continue with extra disinfecting measures throughout our event for your safety.

If you have any questions be sure to contact me at or 405-623-9434.  Looking forward to a GREAT Spring sale!!!



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