Important Changes for the Spring 2019 Sale!!

Important Changes for the Spring 2019 Sale!!


We are always striving to insure the best quality and highest satisfaction for our customers and consignors at each event.  Please note we will be making some quality adjustments for our Spring sale.


We will no longer be accepting:

*CRIBS manufactured before June 28, 2011.  Cribs that are unacceptable, for any reason, CANNOT be sold as toddler beds.
*Used pacifiers/bottle nipples.  If you are selling bottles, please be sure to remove the bottle nipples before packaging.
*VHS tapes
*Stuffed Animals Unless they have a function (ex. singing Mickey, bouncing Tigger, etc) and are working properly  OR are a specific character (ex. Doc McStuffins, Pooh, etc.)
*Movies rated R or above
*Books of mature adult content
*Car seats which do not have all parts or that are more than 5 years old (there will be a date on the back or bottom of the car seat). Please bring the owner manuals with the car seats. If you have misplaced yours, you can usually print one from the manufacturer’s website.


*Up to a maximum of 3 items can be combined on 1 hanger with the exception of infant onesies (which will be allowed to exceed the limit of 3 items per hanger).

Due to limited event space, this will improve the quality of your clothing options and  shopping experience.


ALL ITEMS MARKED TO DONATE AT THE END OF THE SALE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE MARKED TO DISCOUNT ON SATURDAY ONLY.  If you plan to donate the items if they don’t sale, there is not reason to not try to go ahead and sell them at a discount on Saturday.



20X, AB Studio, Abercrombie, Adidas, Aeropostale, Affliction,  Almost Famous, American Eagle, Area School sports gear,  Arizona, Banana Republic, BCBG, Big Star, BKE/Buckle, Bongo, Cato, Charlotte Russe, Cinch, Citizens of Humanity, Columbia, Cruel Girl, Daytrip, Dear John, Decree, Delia’s, DKNY, Dolled Up, Dorothy Blu, Ed Hardy, Express, Eyeshadow, Flying Monkey, Flying Tomato, Forever 21, Free People,  GAP, Guess, Heart & Soul, Hollister, Hot Topic, Hurley, Hyraulic, J. Brand,  J. Crew, Juicy Couture, Kancan, Katydid, LA Idol, Levis, Lucca, Lucky, LulaRoe, Lush, Madden Girl/Steve Madden, Maurices, Michael Kors, Miss Me, Mudd, NFL/NBA/MLB,  NIKE, North Face, OKC Thunder, Old Navy, OU/OSU, Pac Sun, Patagonia, People Liberation, Pink, Polo/Ralph Lauren, Ransom, Reebok, Rock Candy, Rock Revival, Roxy, Rue 21, Seven, Silver, Simply Southern, Sinful, Sneek Peek, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, True Religion, Umgee, Under Armour, Vanity, Victoria Secret, Vocal,  Wet Seal, and Wishful Park.  We are also no longer accepting  women’s career corner.
We will have a list of these brands at check-in and brands not listed will NOT be accepted.  We understand that there is very nice and stylish clothing in other brands but due to limited space and the abundance of Junior clothing we receive, we will be limiting to these brands only.


-Be sure all items are TAGGED.  See “tagging instructions” tab for further info.
-Be sure all shoes are CLEAN and in EXCELLENT condition.  We will be turning away any muddy, worn, and smelly shoes.
-Be sure all battery operated equipment/toys are WORKING.  We will turn them on and turn away any that do not function properly.
-Be sure all infant equipment and furniture is CLEAN! This includes the padding on items that can be removed and washed.   Items that are stained or dirty will be turned away.
-Be sure all clothing is season appropriate. Clothing and shoes for this sale are limited to SPRING & SUMMER only.   NO heavy winter coats, velvet, winter themed, Christmas, Thanksgiving or Halloween themed items!
-Be sure all pieces of clothing grouped together on hanger or in sets are ALL THE SAME SIZE!!
-When using a tagging gun, DO NOT tag through the front of the clothing!!!!!  This leaves holes in the item.  See “tagging instructions” on the website for the correct way to place tags with the tagging gun.
-Read through tagging instructions tab on the website for MANY more helpful tips and instructions.



DO NOT PRINT TAGS ON REGULAR COPY PAPER!!!  Tags need to be printed on WHITE, CREAM OR YELLOW COLORED CARDSTOCK.  Please do not use blue or green cardstock as these do not scan at checkout.  Cardstock can be found at Walmart or any office supply store.

DO NOT use FIREFOX BROWSER when printing tags.



*Please have everything tagged when you arrive for drop off. 
*Have clothing in bundles of 25 hangers.
*Grab a rack and start bringing in your items. Remain with your items until a check in assistant is available and has COMPLETELY checked through all your merchandise.
*You will then put out your own merchandise on the sale floor after it has been COMPLETELY gone through.   To help insure this process is quick and easy for you, here are a few helpful tips:
-Having them in order by SEX AND SIZE (ex. all 3T boys together, all 24 mon. girls together, etc.) will help you tremendously to get things on the sale floor more quickly. If there is a category option for it when printing tags, there WILL be a category option for it on the rack(ex. newborn, 0-3 months, 3 months, 3-6 months are each SPECIFIC catagories and will EACH have a specific area on the racks).  You will be responsible to be sure your items are placed in the right areas on the sale floor to be easily found by shoppers.
*AFTER you have placed all your merchandise on the sale floor, you will need to check in at the registration table so we know your merchandise has been brought in and to receive your presale passes.  We will also return to you at that time any items we may have removed at check in with stains, rips, etc.  Volunteer shirts will given upon arrival at your volunteer shift.


If you have any questions be sure to contact me at or 405-623-9434.  Looking forward to a great Spring sale!!!




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